team fun for individuals with special needs

Get Involved

Make a difference.


This is a win-win situation for both the volunteer and the Hi-5 Sports athlete. The Hi-5 Sports athlete gets to spend time with a fellow student they may not have met otherwise. And the student volunteer learns about the various special needs that other may have and fulfill community service requirements for other organizations at the same time. This program promotes a positive learning experience for all through a common interest in sports.


Adults are welcome to help our athletes as well. This is a great opportunity for anyone to share their knowledge and experience with the Hi-5 Sports community.


We always have a need for volunteers to help set up special events. As Hi-5 Sports looks to add more social experiences to our program, we will need help running these gatherings. For example, we could use your help organizing a family BINGO night, a movie night, a family picnic in the summer, or a hay ride in the fall.


Every year we have a large fundraiser, for example, the Hi-5 Sports Bowling Fundraiser at Saratoga Strike Zone in Saratoga Springs; and we are going to need volunteers to help out with everything leading up to and including the event. Can you request auction item donations from local businesses? Can you sell Chinese Auction tickets? Can you register incoming bowlers? Can you cash out the winning Silent Auction bidders? If you can, then we can use your help!


If you would like to volunteer and help kids with special needs, but you are not a sports fan; please consider virtual volunteering. If you have a computer and the needed skills, we could use your help. We may need assistance with writing, editing documents, or creating graphics. Hi-5 Sports keeps making strides in connecting with families and supporters through social media so that may be another opportunity to volunteer as well.

No matter how you decide to get involved with Hi-5 Sports,

you will never regret the time you spend with our special athletes.

The rewards you receive with their smiles and Hi-5’s will make your heart feel great!